Handmade Cards


In the past I was not into making cards until recently. I make the birthday cards for my co-workers on my team and they really enjoy receiving a personalized/handmade birthday card. I think I really enjoy making cards because I get to use all my “scraps” of paper left over from other projects! So, if you are throwing away your “scraps” of paper, please don’t they make beautiful cards. Here are a few cards I have made in the past couple of months. Enjoy!


It’s been a while!


Wow! I know it has been over a year since I made my last post and now I am determined to post my work once a week, so please come back for an update.

To summarize what has happened over the past year, my scrapbooking is on a “hold” due to I have an 11 month old daughter keeping me VERY busy! But I enjoy every single moment of it. I do make cards and gifts for her teachers, co-workers and friends, but that is about all I have time for. I hope to start on her baby scrapbook one day so I will not be SO behind.

About two weeks ago, I participated in a company sponsored American Heart Association Craft Fair. Those who participated purchased a table and made a silent auction item which that money was donated to the AHA. :o) I did participate last year and received so much feedback from customers who purchased or looked at my items. I made items from journals, birthday cards, mini-albums to “personalize your own” cards and it went great! I went to the Craft Fair with two full bags and came back home with one bag half full! :o) I did receive more feedback this year that I will use for next year.

The picture below is my full table (I do have closer shots however they will not post the correct way).  Sorry!

This blog is my Creative Spot to post recent projects I have made and to share my ideas with others.  I do make custom orders from cards, journals, pictures and etc, if you would like more information or to place a custom order please email me at jennifer.n.turner@gmail.com.  

Have a GREAT day!

Recent projects


I know it’s been a while since I a creative posting, I’ve been catching up and completing some class projects from Scrapfest from September.  It was fun going back an completing all the Scrapfest class projects and reminiscing over all the fun we had.  I will definitely go back again, hopefully in two years.  😮   After completing all my Scrapfest class projects, I started working on Christmas gifts (will have to post later so others will not see their gifts), a Bridal Shower and Thank You Card, and a recipe book for myself.  I really enjoy spending my Saturday’s scrapbooking and having my creative juices flow.  As you know we all have our “creative block” and with some of these projects I did, but they had turned out better than what I had expected.  I have posted my creations below, enjoy! 😮

PS – If you would like to know how I created a certain project, please do not hesitate to email me at jennifer.n.turner@gmail.com.

Fancy Pants – On A Whimsy – “Hi” Card


I recently attended Scrapfest at the Mall of America in Minnesota with my fabulous friends.  It was my first time attending Scrapfest and it was a BLAST!  I took 8 classes, went to three crops, completed some Make-n-Takes, hung out with my fabulous friends, while at the same time shared my addiction with 5,000 other scrapbookers.   If you have not had the chance to attend Scrapfest, it is so worth it!

One of the crops we attended, and by far MY FAVORITE, was hosted by Fancy Pants.  I am truly addicted to Fancy Pants, it is my FaVoRiTe line, and I was so excited we were able to attend the crop.  Jared and Madison, from Fancy Pants, hosted the crop and made the crop experience more special.  :o)  While there, I purchased a awesome Fancy Pants Package with three different lines, that included paper, buttons, rub-ons and ribbon.  While catching up on the Fancy Pants Designs Blog, I read they have a Card Making Friday Challenge and this truly inspired me to get creative, while inspiring others.

This card is all made using Fancy Pants On A Whimsy (this was included in the package from Scrapfest and I still have tons left over), the title of my card is “HI!”:

Fancy Pants On A Whimsy Card Challenge

On A Whimsy Inside

  • 5 x 8 Notebook Journal – the card itself (front & back cover – the journaling pages are held together with double sided adhesvie), front – circle (pop-dotted), inside – note spot with tree
  • Various papers (as detail on front cover and matte for inside note spot)
  • Ribbon – as an accent to edge of card
  • Buttons
  • Clear Stamp Set:  Front – owl and faded / distressed swirl, Inside – brackets and bird
  • “Hi” stamp is using Autumn Leaves Clear Stamps – the only thing that is not Fancy Pants

If you would like to know more about how I made this card, please let me know.



I LoVe Ikea!


So, this weekend my husband and I went to Ikea to look around for nothing in particular, as always.  Ikea has lots of things, but one thing that we look at in particular are the little things, frames, household items, and etc.   One thing I love about Ikea, besides their reasonable prices, it spikes my creative juices when I see something I can incorporate in my scrapbooks, gift ideas, and more.

One thing that is new, to me that is, at Ikea are these cool “clip” frames that range from 3×5 to 11×17.  I first saw the 4×6 frames (you get 4 frames for 99 cents) and immediately thought of Christmas gift ideas.  With the small frames, I plan on using stamps, rub-ons, and / or embellishments, then insert a family photo…I will post pictures once I have one.  But, my favorite “clip” frame is the 11×17 size (you get 2 frames for $4.99, not that bad).  Once I did get home from Ikea, my juices were already flowing and I immediately started working on the frame.  We recently took a trip to Cape San Blas and had a picture of our dogs, Josie and Ivy, of course this picture was in a boring 8×10 frame.  However, with my new frame I created a beautiful piece of art with a simple picture, paper, frame and stamps.

Ikea Clip Frame

The products I used: Fancy Pants On A Whimsy Paper as the matte, On A Whimsy Florish Clear Stamp, and Black Staz-On Ink (this is the best ink to use for stamping on glass, acrylic, transparency, and etc).